Ayurvedic Treatment for Burns and Burn Scars

Ayurvedic Treatment for Burns and Burn Scars

Burns are the common problems faced by us in our day-to-day life. These burns leave burn scars making a temporary or permanent spot on the skin. The treatment of burns are highly dependent upon the degree of burn and hence, the treatment is prescribed accordingly. Ayurveda provides a range of remedies for burns. By applying some ayurvedic treatment for burns and burn scars, we can get rid of both the problems naturally. Some of the common ayurvedic treatment for burns and burn scars are:

  • In case of minor burns, apply water to the burn area till it become cool but don?t use ice or too cool water. It can lead to worse effects.
  • After the temperature gets down, apply some honey to it. Honey prohibits the infection and helps in healing too.
  • Apply milk on the burnt area for 10-15 minutes. It can be applied directly or by soaking in a cloth. This has good healing effects in case of burns.
  • Burn a cotton fabric and make a paste of its ash with olive oil or other cooking oil. Apply this paste to the burns but don?t use cotton directly to that part as it can stick to the wounds.
  • Marigold or calendula oil and ointment gives a big relief in burns.
  • Lavender oil can also be applied directly to the burns to get instant relief.
  • Applying a paste of yogurt, barley and turmeric is extremely beneficial in case of burns.
  • In case of severe burns some herbal plants such as aloe vera is very useful. The juice or gel of aloe vera leaf has good astringent and healing properties.
  • An herb called Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) is having high healing properties for burns.
  •  Infections caused due to burns can be reduced by Echinacea (Echinacea angustifolia), which enhances the immunity of the body.

Ayurvedic treatment for Burn Scar
Scars are the ugly results of burns on the skin. Generally burn scars are left due to second and third degree scars. Ayurveda suggests some treatments in order to remove those scars from the skin. Those are:

  • Apply a paste of banana to the burn scars daily for 10 minutes. It reduces the appearance of the scars.
  • Applying mashed papaya on the burnt area removes the dead cells from the burnt area with the help of enzymes.
  • Apply the juice of poodina leaf (mint) to the burn scar. It helps in lightening the deep scar and even erases them.
  • Rubbing raw garlic on the scar several times a day is extremely beneficial.
  • Cut a tomato and rub it in the scar, this helps in reducing the post burnt pain as well as erasing the scars.
  • Put potato slices on burnt area. It reduces pain and burn scars.

Burns are extremely painful and the scars left after burns looks very ugly and we need to erase it completely. Ayurveda provides numerous herbal tips for the ayurvedic treatment of burns and burns scars and is extremely effective in both cases.

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