Ayurvedic Treatment of Bed Wetting


Bed Wetting is commonly found problems among children in which they involuntary urinate in the bed at night while sleeping after the age at which bladder control usually occurs. Scientifically, it is known as nocturnal enuresis in which the enuresis refers to urination incontinence.

Usually the girl develops bladder control till the age of six years while the boy takes one more year in most of the cases. After crossing this age-limit, if any child urinates on the bed, it is called as nocturnal enuresis. Some times the older child and even adults face the problem of untamed urination.

There are two types of bedwetting found among children - primary and secondary. When a child have never control over the habit of bed wetting in the night, it is considered as primary bedwetting while if a child have got control over bladder and remains dry throughout the night for a significant length of time, but again develops this problem is called secondary bedwetting.


Heredity is one of the prime factors behind nocturnal enuresis as if the patients have the history of bedwetting in the family, it is more likely to develop this problem. It is also considered that it is an emotional problem, but in realty, in most cases, it is a problem of delayed growth and physiological not psychological; only few cases it is a problem of psychological.

The cause of primary nocturnal enuresis is immaturity of nervous system in which the patient does not recognize the sensation of bladder fullness. Amongst other causes of primary nocturnal enuresis are hormonal imbalances in which child produces large amount of urine after sunset, poor daytime toilet habits and some medications.

The causes of secondary nocturnal enuresis include urinary tract infection, diabetes, alcohol, excessive consumption of caffeine, urinary anatomical disorder, neurological problem, wrong sleep pattern, pinworm affect, excessive intake of fluids, infection/disease, Insufficient anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) production, stress, abusing, and psychological problem etc.

Sign and Symptoms

Untamed urination during sleeping despite crossing the age of the ability to tame bladder is primary symptom of bed wetting which the patients come to when they feel wet bed. Pain during urination is another symptom. Constipation is also common among children who have the problem of enuresis.

Treatment and Management

When the physician identified that there is some physical problem and need medications, the medications starts there, otherwise, this problem can be treated through changing the habits of patients, proper routine management.

In Ayurveda, if practitioner finds any physical disorder, the following ayurvedic and herbal medicines can be prescribed.

  • Give tablet of Shilajitvadi Vati twice a day with some warm milk.

  • With Shilajitvadi Vati also give tablet of Chandraprabha Vati twice in a day.

  • If the condition is due to general weakness, give Shatavari Kalpa (Asparagus Racemosus) with Shatavari Ghruta and if it is due to worm infection the child can be given Krumimudgar Ras or Krumikuthar Ras.

  • If the condition is due to urinary tract infection, give Gokshuradi Guggulu.

  • Massage the body with Mahanarayan Oil for strength while message the inner thigh with wort oil of St. John or clarified butter (medicated ghee) on the abdomen (clockwise) for 5 to 10 minutes, before going to the bed on regular basis.

  • Chew Black Sesame seeds (5 gms), before going to the bed.

  • Mix coriander powder with sugar (10 gms. Each) and consume it 2-3 times a day in summertime only.

  • Fry one-teaspoonful coriander seeds in a pan until it becomes brown. Mix one teaspoonful each of pomegranate flowers, sesame seeds and babul gum and grind the mixture into a very fine powder. Add crystal sugar to the powder and give one teaspoonful at bedtime.

  • A teaspoonful of pure honey should be given to the child before going to bed.

  • Take 1 tsp. of grinded mustered and well mixed in a cup of milk, consume it at night before going to bed daily.

  • Eat one teaspoon of raisins and two teaspoon of walnut halves.

  • Drink daily herbal tea, made from Bearberry or Warmwood, Horsetail and Oakbark before going to bed.



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