Ayurvedic Treatment for Stretch marks

Ayurvedic Treatment for Stretch marks

Stretch marks are the scars on the skin, which are most prevalent in woman during pregnancy and childbirth. These are the linings of various shapes and sizes on the skin. But will wrong to say that stretch marks are the result of pregnancy only. This can be a result of several other factors such as obesity, excessive physical work, during puberty, dieting, and excessive muscular exercises.It is also called striane distensae in medical terms. The most commonly affected region is breasts, thighs, hips, abdomen, arms, belly button, buttocks, and back. The color of stretch marks depends on the color of skin. This may look pink, reddish brown, brown, or dark brown, in the beginning and goes on fading to silvery color with time. It is highly recommended to treat the stretch marks at the early stage of its appearance.;

Causes of Stretch Marks

  • The main reason of stretch marks is rapid gain or loss in weight.
  • This can also be caused due to obesity and weight lifting.
  • Sometimes it is genetic in nature also.
  • This is most prevalent during pregnancy.
  • Hormonal imbalance in the body may also lead to stretch marks.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Stretch marks

Stretch marks are the most common problems faced by almost all the women. Ayurveda recommends a range of medications to remove the unwanted stretch marks from the skin. Some of them are:

  • Indian herbs like Tulsi or holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) and gotu kola (Centella asiatica) have been found quite effective in removing stretch marks.
  • Plants like neem (Azadirachtha indica) and sandalwood or chandana are highly recommended in ayurveda for the treatment of stretch marks.
  • Cocoa butter is very beneficial if applied on the stretch marks.
  • Diet rich in vitamin E and C are highly recommended.
  • Consuming food rich in minerals especially zinc are very beneficial. You can take seed and nuts for this.
  • Applying Aloe Vera gel on the marks is very useful.
  • Applying a mixture of avocado oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil to a few drops of lavender and charmomile on the stretch marks is highly beneficial.

Thus, applying ayurvedic treatment for stretch marks is extremely beneficial for removing the stretch marks or reducing its effect. Moreover, this is completely herbal and doest not affect the skin.

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