Ayurvedic ways to cure Rhinitis


Ayurvedic ways to cure Rhinitis

Rhinitis is an allergic infection characterized by inflammation of mucous membrane. It causes inflammation and irritation in the internal area of the nose. People suffering from the disease are allergic to pollens, dust, fumes and other particles in air. Coming in contact with these things triggers the symptoms of rhinitis.

There are three types of infections that cause rhinitis.

Infective rhinitis is characterized by the symptoms of sore throat, chest congestion and a slight headache.

Non-allergic rhinitis may be inflammatory or non-inflammatory. It is caused by hormonal imbalance

Allergic Rhinitis is characterized sensitivity of immune system to dust and pollution. It troubles the patient more in cold and damp weather conditions.

Ayurveda has certain simple solutions to treat rhinitis. Let us discuss some of them.

Rhinitis is characterized by inflammation. To reduce that inflammation, turmeric powder is a very helpful remedial herb. Add one teaspoonful of turmeric powder to milk and consume it at least twice a day. Turmeric reduces inflammation, clears the phlegm and improves immunity.

Honey has beneficial for health. Add honey to a cup of milk along with nuts. Have this thrice a day.

One can also pour some honey in a jug and inhale the air in contact with it.

Make a mixture of Adhatoda with Saunth powder. It is a great reliever for patient suffering from sneezing and nose dripping.

Water intake should be considerable. Water acts as a natural body cleaner and hydrates the body. It washes off the germs, bacteria and other disease causing organisms.

A mixture of ginger and pepper can be made and mixed in milk. It helps in curing rhinitis.

Neem leaves mixed with aswagandha makes for a very useful remedy as well.

Cinnamon and black myroblan are some natural herbs that help a great deal in treating bronchitis.

A mixture of honey with 5 grams gooseberry or amla can do prove to be extremely beneficial for the health.

Neem leaves are considered as a great medicine for fighting bronchitis. Chewing neem leaves helps reducing the inflammation of the bronchi, thus loosening up the windpipe and allowing free respiration.

Chew black pepper in the morning everyday for four weeks. It has great healing properties.

Chamomile tea has therapeutic properties to treat rhinitis.

Apart from the herbs and medicines, some precautions should also be taken. The environment should be kept clean. Clothes, carpets and bedsheets should be washed regularly to remove dust and other impurities that may trigger the disease.



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