Kachnar Plant


Details of Kachnar Plant.

Botanical Name: Bauhinia variegata

Sanskrit Name: Kanchnar

English Name: Moutain ebony

Common Names:

Drug Class: Alterative, tonic, astringent, anti-ulcers, laxative

Indication: Skin diseases, obesity, piles, ulcer

Parts Used:
bark, roots, leaf

Medicinal Uses

The plant pacifies vitiated kapha in the body. It is known to be a good astringent , acrid cooling, constipating, depurative, anthelmintic, vulnerary, anti-inflammatory and styptic agent. The bark of the plant is very effective in case of skin diseases, asthma, sore throat, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort. It can also be applied externally to heal skin ulcers. The bark is also very useful for treating diseases like biliousness, leucoderma, leprosy, dysmenorrhoea and menorrhagia. In addition to that it is used for the treatment of many diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, skin diseases, leprosy intestinal worms, tumors, wounds ulcers, inflammations, scrofula, proctoptosis, haemorrhoids, haemoptysis, cough, menorrhagia and diabetes.

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