Nagkesar Plant


Details of Nagkesar Plant.

Botanical Name: Mesua ferrea

Sanskrit Name: Nagkeshar

English Name: Cobras saffron

Common Names:

Drug Class: Astringent, alterative, coolant, nutritive. bark: astringent, aromatic


Parts Used:
Flower, bud

Medicinal Uses:

The flowers are acrid, anodyne, digestive, constipating and stomachic in nature and used for the treatment of asthma, leprosy, cough, itching, nausea, erysipelas, bleeding piles, metrorrhagea, menorrhagea, excessive thirst, fever, vomiting and impotency. The oil from the seeds is useful in case of sores, scabies, wounds, and rheumatism. The root is an excellent antidote for snake poison.

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