Medicinal value of Cassia angustifolia


Medicinal value of Cassia angustifolia

Cassia angustifolia or senna is an Arabian herb and is famous for its natural laxative and diuretic properties. This article aims to provide some important information about the medicinal values of the plant, as the herb possesses a range of medicinal properties, which are extremely beneficial for the treatment of various diseases.

Botanical name: Cassia angustifolia

Common names: 
Markandika, Swarnaptiri (Sanskrit), Sonai, Sona-mukhi (Hindi), Senna, Arabian senna (English)


Cassia angustifolia or senna is predominantly found in India and the subcontinents of India. It flourishes in the tropical climate and also very common in Egypt, Nubia and Sudan. Leaves of the plant in of great medicinal value.

Medicinal Properties

Cassia angustifolia or senna contains a range of chemical compounds like Anthraquinones, resins, tannins, flavonoids, mucins, malic acid, mucilage (galactose, arabinose, rhamnose, and galacturonic acid) and tartaric acid which are biologically very active and enhances the medicinal value of Cassia angustifolia. This plant possesses purgative, laxative, antipyretic, cathartic, laxative, vermifuge, diuretic, detoxifying, cleansing, body detoxing properties which is useful in the treatment of several common and chronic diseases.

Medicinal uses

Cassia angustifolia has been traditionally used for the treatment of various ailments form the ancient times. Ayurveda has given due importance to the plant for the treatment of certain diseases. The medicinal uses of Cassia angustifolia are:

  • Senna is highly effective in the treatment of constipation.
  • The infusion of the the plant is used for the tratment of diseases like infusions are used in treating anemia, bronchitis, dysentery, fevers and hemorrhoids.
  • Cassia angustifolia is also useful in the cases of jaundice, dermatitis, weight-loss, wounds and ringworms.
  • It is used as a laxative and is an excellent blood purifier.
  • A paste of the plant along with vinegar id quite effective in the treatment of skin disorders like acne, eczema, and pimple.
  • It also helps in loosing excessive weight.

Though, Cassia angustifolia has huge medicinal benefits but due to its toxic properties it should be used properly. The use of the plant should be done only in a prescribed way. Consult of a practitioner is highly recommended.


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