Medicinal value of Emblica Officinalis


Medicinal value of Emblica Officinalis

Emblica officinalis or amla has been the most common traditional medicines used by us from ancient times. It is one of the purest sources of vitamin C and used extensively for hair care. Regular consumption of amla is thought to slow down the ageing and incrase our age. The fruit of the plant is edible in nature.

Botanical name: Emblica Officinalis

Common name:

Amalaki, Adiphala, Dhatri, Amalaka, Shriphala, Vrittophala (Sanskrit), Amla, Amlika, Anvurah, Aoula (Hindi), Amluki, Amalaki, Amlokhi (Assamese), Amla, Meral, Amlaki (Bengali), Nellikai, Nelli, Dadi, Dhanya (Kannada), Nellikai, Nelli (Malyalam), Alathanda, Khondona, Anola (Oriya), Heikru (Marathi) and Indian gooseberry (English).


Amla is a medium sized deciduous tree native to India and found throughout India. It is most common in the dry deciduous forests. Apart from India it is also abundantly found in Indian subcontinents like Burma, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Amla is also found in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The fruits are used extensively for ayurvedic treatment.

Medicinal Properties

Emblica Officinalis or Amla is a rich source of various chemicals and minerals such as ascorbic acid, ellagic acid, gallic acid, tannic acid, albumin, cellulose, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phenols, emblicanins, flavonoids, glycosides, and proanthocyanidins which has significant medicinal importance and hence amla possess aphrodisiac, immunomodulatory, antiviral, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiulcer, hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, hypotensive, Antacid, laxative, hepatoprotective, and anticancer properties. Thus, the plant posses a variety of medicinal properties which makes is medicinally so important.

Medicinal Uses

Amla is one of the most important plants used from the ancient times in ayurveda for the successful treatment of several diseases. Amla possess a wide range of medicinal properties, which is helpful in treatment of various ailments. The medicinal value of Emblica officinalis or Amla can be listed as:

  • It is every effective in treatment of various skin diseases.
  • It balances the tridoshas in the body especially the pitta dosha.
  • Amla is very beneficial for eyes as it prevents the burning sensation in eyes and keeps the eyes healthy.
  • It strengthens the nervous system and enhances the memory power.
  • It is used for the treatment of diseases like blood disorders, heart problems, piles, impotence, menstrual disturbance, cough, asthma, and abdominal disorders.
  • It is quite effective in stomach disorders like indigestion, acidity, constipation, gastric troubles and flatulence.
  • It enhances the reproductive system and increases sperm count and sperm quality.
  • It is used in the formulation of ayurvedic medications like Triphala and Chyvanprasha.
  • It increases the hemoglobin level in the body by the absorption of iron.
  • It helps to maintain the glucose level in diabetic patients.
  • It helps in regulating the cholesterol level in the body and thus preventing high blood pressure.
  • Sexual disorders like premature Ejaculation, Menstrual Disturbance and sexual debility can be treated with the help of amla.
  • The fruit is a rich source of vitamin C.
  • Amla is quite beneficial in the treatment of diseases like migraine, gout, hoarse voice, hair-loss, cataract, chicken pox, common cough and cold, dyspepsia and obesity.


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