Ayurveda: The Knowledge for Longevity


Ayurveda is form of medicinal system originated way back in India during the vedic period. Ayurveda (ayur+veda) means "the knowledge for longevity in Vedas", which teaches us the art of living wisely to attain good physical, mental as well as spiritual health.

Ayurveda is said to be originated from the ancient texts of four Vedas especially Atharvaveda that contains 114 hymns or mantras that tells about the formulations of different ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of various common and chronic diseases. The later scriptures suggest that the knowledge of ayurveda was received by Dhanvantari from Brahma.

Later on ayurvedic pioneers Charka and Sushruta described the various disciplines of ayurveda in their books Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita respectively.

Further, Ashtanga Hridaya compiled the texts of Charka and Sushruta in his book Ashtangha Hridaya Samhita presenting the knowledge of ayurveda in a concise form. At present these three books on ayurveda are considered to be the base for the core knowledge of ayurveda.

According to the Hindu mythology, lord Brahma (the creator) himself has passed the knowledge of Ayurveda to the mankind. Once many people suffered from some chronic disease that was incurable. After all efforts, they approached Lord Bramha and asked for help. Lord Bramha closed his eyes and passed the knowledge of ayurveda to Ashwin twins, the doctors of god. Ashwin teins later passed the knowledge to their deciples including Indra and Daksh Prajapati.

Lord Indra after learning the complete science of ayurveda passes this knowledge to his best disciple Maharshi Aatreya who then passed his knowledge to six of his best students namely Charaka, Aganivesh, Bhel, Jatukarna, Parasar, Harita and Ksharpani and asked them to write down the complete knowledge in scripts. All the six students scripted their ayurvedic knowledge in form of books known as Charaka samhita, Bhel Samahita, Jatukarna Samahita, Parasar Samahita, Harita Samahita and Ksharpani Samahita respectively.

The ancient knowledge of ayurveda is still survived with these ancient texts especially the charaka samhita and considered to be the most effective and complete science of healing that uses the natural resources especially herbs and medicinal plants for prevention and cure of all types of common and chronic diseases.

Ayurveda is not restricted to the physical illness but it relates the treatment with mental and spiritual fitness too. Ayurveda suggests that one should be physically, mentally as well as spiritually sound to attain the complete health.



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