Natural Healing for Thyroid Disorders


Clinical treatments and its limitations are now a well-known fact in regard to medication of several diseases. Particularly the diseases, which have become widespread nowadays because of the contributing factors inherent in the modern lifestyle, are being recognised as more of the subjects of preventive methods and organically validated natural healing techniques rather than so called medication along the modern scientific tradition of allopath. Natural healing has its numerous distinct advantages because of which so fast it gained popularity and started to become considered as a viable alternative to allopathic clinical treatment. Natural healing can be seen into many categories and subcategories such as Ayurveda, home remedies, yoga and physical exercise, nutritional therapy, organic living habits, etc. all of which share some important principles in common, like absence of side effects, more focus on permanent prevention rather than medicine based cure, treating the cause of the disease from its very origination or root, etc. As life threatening disease thyroid disorders have become one of most prominent and regular health issue in the public health scenario. Thyroid disorder is the root cause of malfunction and disorderly production of various hormones in our body which actually pose serious problem for our metabolism or consumption of energy from our food intake. Consider the fact that just a century before it has not been a serious health issue at all. And down the past 50 years or so it has only gained momentum as a life threat encompassing millions and billions of individuals. From this fact alone we can conclusively see the role of the life style factors and living habits in accentuating the problem. And who does not know that any disease the vary basis of which is life style or living habits can only be treated with an objective of prevention and with naturally validated medications. Before going into any further details in regard to natural healing for thyroid disorders we should keep in mind this basic truth regarding the spread of the disease and its possible medication.

Herbal Remedies for Thyroid Disorders

Herbal remedies are one of the most sought after natural healing for thyroid disorders. Here we are providing some of names of herbs and a brief description regarding their healing powers.

Shilajeet: This herb from the ancient time to the present age has always been considered as a wonder herb for the treatment of many health disorders. It contains a huge 85 minerals in different proportions which are essential for medication of many diseases including thyroid disorders.

Licorice: This herb can play a crucial role in treating thyroid disorder as it is known to maintain the balance between thyroid glands and the production as well as consumption of energy.

Bladder wrack: In many cases the low intake or crisis of iodine in the body develops the thyroid disorder which is mainly caused by under production of hormones and clinically denoted as hypothyroidism. Bladder wrack is the herb which is considered as a extraordinary resource of iodine and an essential herb for the treatment of thyroid disorders.

Stress and psychic problem management

Stress is a well known contributing factor in developing thyroid disorders. No wonder that in today's therapeutic procedures relieving stress is considered to be one of the intrinsic factors in treating the disease. As many recent studies shown, psychological problems, especially emotional disorders like tension or unreleased mental agony is another major source from which thyroid disorders can be caused. To manage stress and psychic problems is one of the major preventive procedures and natural healing for thyroid disorders.

Dietary or nutritional treatment

If you eat as the condition of your health demands, you seldom suffer from any ailment, so the ancient saying goes. Proper diet and nutrition can equip you to prevent thyroid disorders forever. Coconut oil is well known for increasing metabolism and consequent better thyroid health. Vegetable juices and iodine rich foods are essential for better thyroid functioning. Your daily food habit is the very basis of the natural healing for thyroid disorders.

Ayurvedic treatment for Thyroid Disorders

Ayurveda is the ancient wisdom for the overall health and well being of human organism and it always presupposes our bodies' innate healing power. Ayurvedic formulations and medicines only strengthen this natural healing power to diffuse the disease from within. Some of the most popular Ayurvedic preparations for the treatment of thyroid disorders include Kanchanar Guggulu, Mahayogaraj guggulu, Chandraprabha vati, Mahatiktak Ghrita, etc.

In this list of the above mentioned natural healing for thyroid disorders several important organic procedures could not be discussed in detail, like yoga, meditation, physiotherapy, etc. which can be very beneficial to any kind of thyroid disorders.


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