Facts about Tulsi plant

Facts about Tulsi plant

Tulsi plant is a herbal plant that is also known as the 'The Queen of Herbs'. It is an aromatic plant, which has a number of medicinal properties. It is used in Ayurveda to treat various health disorders. It is particularly great for reducing depression, stress and anxiety.

The Tulsi plant has hairy stems and its leaves are scented. Tulsi is also known to be an adaptogen, as it brings a mind body balance and helps in preventing stress related problems. In India, it is known for its health promoting and medicinal value and some also consider it important for spiritual growth.

The plant of Tulsi is grown predominantly in India. People in India grow the Tulsi plant in their homes and it forms an important part of their religious practices. The Ayurvedic practitioners have also been using Tulsi for curing diseases since thousands of years.

Tulsi can also be used to treat skin diseases like inflammation, blisters, rashes or even insect bites. Eczema and psoriasis are some serious skin disorders that can be cured efficiently by Tulsi.

The kidney diseases like Kidney stone can be cured with Tulsi. Starting your day with a juice of Tulsi leaves with Aloe Vera helps a great deal in dispensing the stones through urinary tract.

People with bone disorders find Tulsi to be really helpful. The anti-inflammatory property of Tulsi reduces the swelling on joints and bones.

The disorders in our digestive tract can also be cured by Tulsi. One can prepare a juice of Tulsi leaves, which can be taken at least twice a day results in positive changes in the health

Tulsi helps in regeneration of the tissues of the body. Thus it helps in keeping the energy level of the body high.

The eye disorders like night blindness or sore eyes can also be cured using this herb. The juice of basil leaves can be used as eye drop for quicker results.

Ayurveda holds a lot of significance for Tulsi plant. The natural composition of Tulsi not only helps in getting rid of the disorders, but it also tones up the body in various ways. This is why more and more people are including Tulsi as a part of their daily lifestyle.



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