Major Types of Arthritis


Arthritis as the most common disease among old and elderly people is rapidly becoming a major health concern and in perfect conformity with the nature of the disease being incurable for the maximum part the diagnosis and the treatment of the disease is continuously growing through various changes and procedural manifestations. There are almost 100 types of arthritis which has been clinically recognised and among them only a few have still been declared as curable and rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis still remains the big challenge to the medical science as no medication or medical practice could make enough breakthrough in the treatment of these two types of arthritis. Many types of arthritis are commonly associated with syndromes of other diseases and there are some of the major types of arthritis which is better cured with life style changes and naturally validated curative methods. Before going to be introduced with some of the major types of arthritis with brief accounts of their syndromes and deserving treatment, let us understand that this complex disease is better understood with the complexities of our physical process and a holistic approach is needed in regard to their treatment as well as eradication. Let us now mention some of the most important types of arthritis along with brief description on their syndromes, clinical facts and treatment.

Rheumatoid arthritis

This is probably the most lethal and cruel among all the major types of arthritis. Among other types of arthritis it is held to be the most common also. On an average 1% of the population are suffering from this arthritis. The typical characteristic which poses this as a great threat is that it causes the maximum amount of damage in the first year after its onset and within a shorter period the presence of the disease is felt all through the affected organs. Be sues of this high intensity of making route in the body this type of arthritis is reported to make the life expectancy subsequently lower by at least 10 to 20 years. Only a early diagnosis at the very onset of the disease can procure some medical help for the affected person. This arthritis still not conclusively curable with a permanent cure and only supportive medical practice as well as life style changes like exercise, weight loss measures, dietary changes can bestow some good results.


This is one of the major types of arthritis which poses big challenges for the medical science and its practice. This type of arthritis is commonly thought to be associated with ageing and symptoms like pain in weight gaining portions of the body like hips, spine, feet and thumbs are typical characteristic of this arthritis. With other factors genetics is considered to be one of the most important factors in causing this arthritis. Though no conclusive medical treatment in treating and eradicating the disease is still found modern research is trying to find answers in slowing down the damage and spread of the disease.


This is one of the most common types of arthritis which occurs because of the deposit of monosodium urate in the joints. Monosodium urate is basically a organic composite of the Uric acid found in many of the regularly taken food substance. This composite targets our kidney also apart from the bones of our joints. Though medical treatment is necessary to procure a permanent cure from the disease, regular dietary habits which prompts to avoid food high in Uric acid is one of the important constituents of treatment for a patient suffering from gout.

Polymiyalgia Rheumatic arthritis

This is though not so common but should be considered as a major type of arthritis as it is known to cause serious damage to the body and can lead to almost absolute stall in body movement. This arthritis causes severe pain in the hips, back, neck and shoulder which make the slightest body movement unbearable.


This is one major type of arthritis which mainly concerns the pain in the muscle. With this arthritis the pain in the muscle can travel to various portion of the body and even muscles in the heart or lungs can severely be affected by this pain. As this arthritis can cause potential threats to the functioning of various important organs like lungs or heart it should be consulted with the specialist as soon as the early symptoms are suspected.

Reactive arthritis

This is the only major type of arthritis which is more commonly found among young people rather than elderly ones. This arthritis is primarily caused by infections. The common sorts of infections responsible for this type of arthritis are intestinal, genital or urinary. This type of arthritis is highly curable with appropriate diagnosis and subsequent medication.

There are hundreds of arthritis which could not be introduced here in this list of major types of arthritis because our focus has been centered to the most common and, most discussed and most dangerous types of arthritis from which millions of people worldwide are suffering.






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