Diabetes- causes and remedies


Diabetes- causes and remedies

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by inconsistent glucose and sugar levels in the blood. Also known as madhumeha, diabetes occurs because of the inability of the body to produce the required amount of insulin in the body. Insulin in needed for the absorption of sugar and glucose, thus the lack of insulin gives rise to the disorder.

Diabetes can cause number of health complications.

Impotence in men

Nervous disorder

Heart attacks


Blurry vision

Burning sensation in palm and soles

Skin infection

Uniform sweet taste in mouth

Increased hunger

A feeling of fatigue and tiredness

Causes of diabetes

Genetic factors: it is one of the most common reasons for diabetes. Diabetes is one such disease that can pass on from a generation to other.

Stress: Stress triggers the early symptoms of diabetes.

Unhealthy diet: consuming a poor nutritional diet is the primary reason for diabetes. Refined products, too oily and sweet foods are reasons behind this disease.

Obesity: Obese patients have high amounts of insulin, glucose and sugar, as it is not absorbed. This further leads to diabetes.

Age factor: Diabetes is a disease that is age-dependent. Rarely young people are heard complaining of this disease. Diabetes is predominantly suffered by people who are around fifty years old or more.

Intolerance to certain drugs: medicines for high blood pressure, pain killers and various antibiotics also trigger the early symptoms for this disease. Clozapine and ziprasidone are such medicines.

Lack of Physical exercises: Physical work or exercise is necessary for keeping the body fit. No exercise results in accumulation of fats and glucose in the body, eventually leading to diabetes.

Ayurvedic remedies to cure Diabetes

Chew neem leaves.

Gourd juice has health benefits. A glass of juice once or twice a day is a very effective remedy to cure diabetes.

Amla added to the bitter gourd juice makes up for a very usefulmixture.

The herb Triphala is a very useful herb for curing diabetes.

Brisk walk, jogging and even hitting the gym are the most effective ways you can employ to keep diabetes at a good distance away from you. Sweating out in the gym or a park always helps.

Haldi is useful natural substance. Add a teaspoonful of haldi to milk and consume it twice a day.

Chewing neem leaves helps solve the purpose as well.






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