Surya namaskara for weight loss


Surya namaskar for weight loss

With the unusual eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle dominating the people all over the world, obesity has been a common problem among a large percentage of people everywhere. people around the world are trying different ideas and remedies for loosing the extra weight. But, in ayurveda, the old indian traditional menial science, yoga has been discussed as the best therapy of reducing weight. One of the most commonly recommended yoga for weight loss in ayurveda is surya namaskara. Surya Namaskara has been in practice since the Vedic kaal(times), and is considered to be the first Pranayam in yoga. Surya Namaskara is popularly know for the worship of god sun that consist of 12 postures and 13 mantras that need to be chanted during it's practice. These mantras are:
1. om mitra nama
2. om ravaye nama
3. om sya nama
4. om bhave nama
5. om khaga nama
6. om puue nama
7. om hiraa garbha nama
8. om maraye nama
9. om itya nama
10. om savitre nama
11. om arka nama
12. om bhkara nama
13. om avitrasyanauya nama

And, at the end of Surya Namaskara, one need to pronounce following mantra..

ityasya namaskan ye kurvanti dine dine
u yupraj balam vyam tejastenca jate

Surya Namaskar in itself is a complete exercise and also a worship of God Sun, the God of light, which destroys our enemies and sorrows from life. That is why Sage Agastya once suggested Lord Rama to practice it every morning before going to fight to Ravana.

Surya Namaskar is perfect to reduce weight

Practicing Surya Namaskara every day not only helps you being in a good shape but also reduce the changes of getting ill frequently. Surya Namaskara, improves the immune system of our body. It's a perfect exercise for everyone especially for those who has gained extra fat around abdominal area. Doing surya namaskara stimulates the metabolic functions of your body and thus enhancing the digestive system of the body. Moreover, it involves lots of stretching and bending that helps in burning the extra calories of the body. Apart from loosing weight, Surya Namaskara, also helps in curing lots of diseases like constipation, wind troubles, acidity and indigestion. The 12 different postures of this Pranayam stretch the body and keeps you fit and healthy, if performed correctly.

If you are thinking of practicing surya namaskara, it is best to perform it in the early morning. few things that should be kept in mind while practicing this is, it should be carried in an open place in the lap of nature. secondly, your face should point the sun while doing this. Surya namaskara has been the best option of reducing weight since the ancient times. The various poses and postures involved in this yoga has a great significance in reducing weight. It is quite beneficial in the proper regulation of all the physical and physiological process of the body and hence helps in checking the accumulation of extra fat in the body. Also, it is very easy to carry out and you need no any extra tools or cost to practice this yoga. Hence, it is best as well as cost effective.

So, if you are planning for a weight loss, start doing surya namaskara five times a day in this initial phase, which goes on increasing with time. It is recommended to practice this yoga with proper consultation of an yoga expert that can help you to gain the maximum benefits.






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